The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Youth & Adolescents

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we offer Intensive Programs specifically designed for young people who require effective and timely assistance. Youth treatment programs must take into account young people's individual emotional, educational and development needs; balancing the freedom they yearn for, with the firm boundaries crucial for establishing safety and routine.

Also, young people need a different style of accommodation where the environment is safe, yet comfortable and nurturing. They need their space, but they need to feel the presence of caring staff at all times. For this reason, accomodation options are considered early in the initial telephone assessment stage.

In addition to the features of our Intensive Programs, our Youth Programs can also include where appropriate:

Family members of young people taking part in our program are invited to participate at the direction of the young person’s treating therapist and upon the invitation of the young person. Family and relationship counselling sessions can also be arranged if appropriate. We also tailor Transitional Programs for young clients in need of continued assistance following an Intensive Program.