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Well-being & Healthy Living

Good health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being". Good health is often compromised by emotional and physical stress, lack of fitness, poor nutrition and inappropriate body weight - whether underweight or overweight. From a holistic perspective, physical health is also linked to emotional and mental health. Diets for example are seldom effective without the necessary understanding of the psychological factors behind inactivity or unhealthy eating patterns. Change must occur both in behaviour and in attitude.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we provide specialised programs for clients wanting to create positive changes in their lives. If you feel that you are not quite as healthy as you can be; that you need support and inspiration to make lasting changes to your life; or if wish to maximise your sense of well-being - we can help you build a stable foundation for positive change.

You may be carrying more weight than is healthy for your body. You may feel low in energy. You may not eat properly. You may work too hard and not know how to unwind. Many lifestyle factors contribute to feeling less than healthy. At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we can help you examine all the factors in your life requiring change. We will gently guide you to adopt better lifestyle choices and help you continually develop and reinforce the new habits required to replace old ones that no longer serve you well.

Our multi-disciplinary team will help you understand yourself better from a holistic perspective - a more comprehensive view of oneself that includes not only better understanding of thoughts and emotions, but importantly, a sense of improved physicality and a sense that you are in charge and in control. We will help you improve your diet and assess your level of fitness which we aim to improve during your program. We will help you identify emotional and cognitive 'triggers' and patterns hindering your growth and through a combination of targeted therapies and nutritional supplements, help you to increase your vitality and health.

Our Well-Being and Healthy Living Programs are especially suitable for those clients not needing intensive medical care, yet needing sustained and positive changes in lifestyle. We can help to initiate and maintain lasting changes so you can live your life to its full potential.

Weight Management

The Sanctuary Byron Bay can provide specialised multi-disciplinary weight management programs for those who are unable to maintain a disciplined program on their own, or for those who for medical reasons, require supervision and careful monitoring.

Our aims are not only to ensure that a realistic weight management program can be developed but that it can be also maintained with a careful balance of lifestyle improvements, healthier food and adequate exercise. Education and active participation are also key goals of our weight management programs where intensive psychotherapy and coaching helps to examine the unexamined reasons behind living a sedentary lifestyle or eating unhealthily.

Our weight management programs involve comprehensive medical assessments, 24 hour supervision, and assessments by naturopaths, fitness professionals, physiotherapists, body workers and other complementary therapists. Importantly, each weight management program is uniquely customised to each person’s specific needs. You will also enjoy the services of a personal chef who will liaise with other practitioners to ensure that your food is prepared according to recommendations of your treating team. Your chef will also educate you about your specific dietary needs and cooking lessons are available to ensure you leave with developed skills to maintain a healthy diet.

While in residence, you will be introduced to a range of healthy physical activities that you can choose to incorporate into a regular routine. All exercise will be monitored by professionals and your limits carefully respected so that we can slowly increase your capacity to engage in physical activity without inviting injury.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we promote a steady, sustained and most importantly safe approach to weight management, helping you to establish a program you can continue well into your future.