The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Executive Rehabilitation

The Sanctuary Byron Bay specialises in treating corporate / executive clients requiring positive lifestyle changes with regards to substance abuse or management of executive burnout, stress, chronic pain or other mental health issues.

Highly successful and motivated professionals and executives are not immune to developing dysfunctional patterns of behaviour to cope with the demands of their roles. They may resort to substance use or may suffer consequential harms such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety or inability to modulate moods. This can impair not only professional capacities, but also relationships with colleagues and family members.

When the stress of professional life begins to flow on to the private and personal realms, sensitive and effective intervention is required.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we specialise in providing tailored assistance to corporate clients to help them regain balance and equilibrium.

Even though intensive treatment must be undertaken away from the usual workplace, we do understand that realistically, some business demands simply cannot be put on hold. Within the reasonable limits of the client being able to focus on their program without being distracted by pressing business issues, we offer the following assistance:

The Sanctuary Byron Bay's Executive Rehabilitation Programs have successfully assisted many corporate clients to develop healthier habits, to deal with their issues, and to learn how to lead a more balanced life, while maintaining connection to their responsibilities at work.


"This is really one of the only places I've ever been to where holistic care has not been a piecemeal, airy fairy load of nonsense. I run multimillion dollar businesses and let me tell you, I'm no pushover for unsubstantiated piffle, but in saying that, I was open to what was on offer here and I admit I was impressed by the experience and skills of the Sanctuary team.  I really do feel better on so many levels - more than just physically."  62 yo businessman