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Aftercare Resources

Importance of Aftercare

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond their stay at The Sanctuary Byron Bay. Our personalised Aftercare Programs address the many complex factors involved when a client returns home after completing an Intensive Program. We recognise this transitional period as one of the most crucial points in a person’s recovery and our Aftercare Programs are tailored to reduce as much as possible, the potential for relapse during that time.

Sanctuary clients can either choose to complete their Aftercare Programs in their home area or in a supported environment in Byron Bay. In all cases, Aftercare Programs are specifically designed to instil in our clients the skills and confidence they need to continue advancing in their recovery.

We can also connect clients to support in a client’s country/state of origin. This not only helps to maintain a positive lifestyle, but also ensures the ongoing process of reorientation towards healthy living and fulfilling relationships.

Recovery Coach

While a therapeutic retreat like The Sanctuary Byron Bay provides you with better understanding and practical ways to improve your life, recovery often continues when you return home. Structured support is highly recommended during this period, in order to keep you ‘on-track’.

Upon returning home, one of our aftercare options is to link you in with Recovery Coaches who can help you:

Specialist recovery coaches are usually practical and solution-focused and work best when in regular contact with you over a specified period: to review your progress, to discuss any problems you may be facing and to help inspire and motivate you to maintain and improve upon any gains you have made. Importantly, sessions with your consultant are usually conducted on the telephone, allowing greater flexibility and efficiency.

You can choose to utilise our recovery coaches for as long or as short a time as you require.  Some clients choose to engage recovery coaches over longer periods to assist them with longer-term goals.

Continued Support

Upon completion of all your programs, we will provide you with continued support by:

We value ongoing contact with our clients as an integral part of the healing process and to honour the therapeutic connections developed during a client’s stay with us. For this reason, we will contact you from time to time to stay in touch and to assure you of our continued support.

Aftercare Home Support

The Sanctuary Byron Bay can provide aftercare assistance at home by arranging for an aftercare support person to accompany you home upon the completion of your formal program. 

We usually ensure that the support person will be a carer with whom you have a trusting and warm relationship. The role of the aftercare support person is a formal one and the following considerations are subject to negotiation at the outset so that both you and the support person are clear about what to expect.