The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Treatment Therapies for Addiction & Mental Health

The Sanctuary Byron Bay employs the broadest range of therapies available at any treatment centre.

We combine the best of Western bio-medical care, psychotherapy and Eastern holistic complementary therapies including bodywork, body alignment, bio-feedback therapies and naturopathic assessments.

Our comprehensive treatment programs aim to treat the whole person. In order to do so, we utilise a range of treatment perspectives - from medical and psychological assessments through to postural analysis and naturopathic review.

Because we consider each client to be absolutely unique, our customised treatment plans are only created after consultations with every practitioner on the treatment team.

The holistic approach we advocate requires a coordinated, multi-disciplinary effort with all our practitioners liaising weekly, sometimes daily to ensure seamless integration of all therapies involved in your treatment.  At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, these therapies work together in accordance with an overall program strategy devised, maintained and monitored by our Clinical Director and the senior psychotherapy team.

Therapies available at The Sanctuary Byron Bay include

Additional Treatment Therapies

Where required, additional modalities can be requested and integrated into each program.

Additional modalities include but are not limited to:

Please note that the inclusion of extra therapies will incur additional program costs.


“ ….I have spent years trying every different type of anxiety treatment available. In the main they were mostly drug and alcohol treatment programs that also dealt with anxiety. This was not appropriate as I was neither an alcoholic nor did I use drugs. I am a mother of four grown children and my anxiety issues have stopped me from living a normal life. I recently spent four weeks at the Sanctuary where I dealt with the underlying issues behind my anxiety and had the pleasure of my family visiting me throughout the program. I feel so blessed to have found such a special place to heal…..” AP 51 years old