The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Comprehensive Medical Care

Comprehensive medical care is available at The Sanctuary Byron Bay where you will have your own personal doctor and registered nursing staff as required.

Most Sanctuary programs will include a full medical assessment upon arrival especially if you are seeking treatment for any condition requiring medical supervision.

Our doctors and nurses are highly experienced and work within a team approach alongside other complementary health practitioners. This means we are able to critically review the use of prescription medication and pharmacotherapies, balancing their use with alternative treatments.

Where possible, we will always promote treatments which are non-invasive, less toxic and with fewer side-effects. Where pharmacotherapies are recommended, we will always seek to minimise any side effects with the use of natural therapies.

Our aim is to help you harness your own capacity to heal. While we firmly believe in appropriate medical intervention, we never forget that the best results are achieved with an integration of medical and complementary care.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay has extensive referral networks to highly experienced medical specialists, including psychiatrists. Where required, consultations with a range of medical specialists can be arranged although these will incur additional charges.



“…Thank you for providing a drug treatment program for my son that was also able to deal with his bipolar and ADD/ADHD conditions. Your family program was invaluable as I now have better understanding on how to support him. I’ve also gained valuable knowledge on the complexities of dual diagnosis treatment and am more confident on how to help him manage his issues in the future….” Mother of 17 year old client