The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Fitness & Calming Therapies

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we want you to inhabit your body with strength, grace and calm. Our aim is to extend your physical limitations, thereby increasing your fitness and to have you learn to soothe and calm yourself effectively with yoga, meditation and qigong.

Personal Training

Physical training is an important component of our therapeutic programs at The Sanctuary Byron Bay, as many interrelationships exist between bodily systems and mental and emotional states.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we provide one-on-one personal training with fully qualified personal trainers, all with many years of experience. Our personal trainers are not ‘bootcamp’ instructors who will push you beyond your limitations. Personal training at The Sanctuary Byron Bay is always undertaken with caution and only after a detailed assessment of your physical abilities. We strive to avoid injury and we will always seek to increase your fitness levels slowly and with care.

Personal training at The Sanctuary Byron Bay will include a combination of both cardio-vascular exercise as well as resistance training with weights. We will always ensure that any existing injuries are noted and not further aggravated and we will include a variety of exercises especially tailored to your level of fitness which we will seek to gradually and persistently improve.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a broad group of ancient practices originating in India which aims to integrate and unite the body, mind and spirit. Though yoga includes both meditative practices and asanas (postures), it is the latter which is commonly described as ‘yoga’ in the West.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, both aspects of yoga are taught, that is, postural practices and meditation. Both are especially beneficial in addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Our yoga practitioners are highly qualified and experienced with many years of teaching experience. Yoga sequences are created individually for each client as each constitution requires a different program. Our one-on-one teaching ensures that the practices are attuned to your own specific strengths and limitations. Over the course of your program, we will help you establish and develop a personal daily practice for the future.

The postures and breathing techniques we teach you will help to improve digestion, circulation and respiration, resulting in:


Qigong (pronounced chi-kung) is an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) involving set patterns of bodily movement and postures coordinated with specific breathing techniques. Qigong is usually practiced to increase bodily self-awareness and to harness the body’s innate abilities to heal.

Qigong is a calming and restorative practice and can be described as ‘meditation in motion’. Regular practice of Qigong can be beneficial in the management of stress, anxiety or depression.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, our Qigong teachers will introduce you to personalised Qigong routines to: