The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Bodywork Therapies

Bodywork and physical therapies available at The Sanctuary Byron Bay include physiotherapy, massage and shiatsu


Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a clinical evidence-based therapy concerned with assisting clients gain maximum mobility and quality of life through the maintenance of a healthy and fit body.

Physiotherapists will assess any pain in the body or physical restrictions and prescribe personalised exercise programs to manage any physical conditions and to further prevent pain and injury.

Physiotherapy can include:

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, physiotherapy plays an important role in ensuring that physical exercise is undertaken with care and that any pre-existing injuries are protected and rehabilitated.


Sanctuary masseurs are highly experienced and very careful about the therapeutic focus of their work.  Deep tissue massage is only conducted if appropriate and will always begin in a gentle fashion until you are able to withstand greater intensity.

The aim of deep tissue massage is not merely relaxation, although that is often a pleasant outcome.  Rather, deep tissue massage addresses muscle pain, tension, tendon or muscle injury and is useful for increasing blood flow and oxygen flow around your body.

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutically focused massage working on the deeper layers of muscle tissues in the body.  Deep tissue massage is a feature of many styles of massage and is usually characterised by slower, deeper strokes undertaken with firmer pressure, sometimes localised on particular areas which are sore or stiff.


Shiatsu means 'finger pressure' and is a Japanese healing method with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A Shiatsu therapist utilises finger pressure along the classical meridians (energy lines) of the body in order to assess bodily energy flows, remove blockages and restore balance. Based on an initial diagnosis, each treatment is different and caters to the individual needs of the patient.

Shiatsu combines acupressure, massage and gentle stretching and can be both relaxing and stimulating as a treatment experience.

Our practitioners also use other healing arts with Shiatsu. These techniques include:

Another important part of the process is to teach our clients methods of self healing to empower them and enhance their body awareness.