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12-Step Fellowships

Only when appropriate The Sanctuary encourages participation in 12-step meetings.

The Sanctuary and local 12-Step Fellowships have a history of mutual respect, recognising the contribution each can make to an individual’s recovery. The Sanctuary Byron Bay’s philosophy of treatment is not necessarily based on 12-step programs, however, we will encourage participation if a client is likely to benefit from such support. Many clients have found 12-step programs to be both positive and fulfilling in their struggles with compulsive behaviours around substances, food and gambling

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“….I had suffered from an eating disorder and depression for over 10 years and prior to the Sanctuary I had been to 4 eating disorder programs with short successes only. I really felt I would never be able to overcome my eating disorder. I discovered the Sanctuary through a close friend and from the first phone call I knew it was the right place for me to deal with my anorexia and bulimia issues. I felt so nurtured and cared for by the Sanctuary team. The daily psychotherapy and wonderful eastern therapies was my favourite part of my eating disorder program……” TK 26 years old