The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Recreation as Therapy

At the Sanctuary Byron Bay, we believe that having fun and enjoying what the world has to offer is a form of therapy. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than noticing the enjoyment of our clients as they engage in a fun activity or new learning, rediscovering often forgotten reserves of happiness or joy.

An integral feature of The Sanctuary program is our focus on helping clients reconnect with their creativity and passions, often lost to the suffering of dysfunctional living. We encourage each client to have fun, to engage in their surroundings and to discover greater meaning in their lives by:

We employ highly experienced and talented art teachers, music therapists, musical instrument teachers, dance teachers of various styles and martial arts experts who are available as required.

Our aim is to help each client realise that within them, are the required strengths and passions necessary to engage fully in life, and that they no longer need to rely on behaviours and negative thinking that no longer serve them well.

Examples of Recreational Activities on Offer

To help you rediscover passion, joy, fun, excitement and an appreciation of beauty and nature, a wide range of activities are available for your enjoyment. The most popular include:

If there is anything else you wish to explore, you need only ask.