The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Private Accommodation - Comfortable Beachside to Luxury

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, each client enjoys their own private residence completely furnished with all that is required for a comfortable and healing stay - This is your Sanctuary.

With no fixed address or location, and with the Sanctuary able to be 'created' with each new admission, our treatment model exemplifies the important notion that your own 'sanctuary' lies within: that once connected to your own confidence and conviction, a life in recovery will be yours to choose, to maintain and to nurture. No matter where you are.

Special Requirements

If you have specific requirements regarding your accommodation, we will also work with you prior to your arrival to secure a property meeting your needs


“….I found it very difficult to find residential treatment for depression in a setting in which I could be comfortable and where confidentiality could be guaranteed. Top marks to the Sanctuary for providing depression treatment in a luxury setting where the needs of corporate executives can be understood and met. I was able to monitor my business even as I surrendered to the care of the program and my dignity was always respected. …..”SP 60 years old