The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Byron Bay - Environment as Therapy

Your treatment interests are not necessarily best served in a sterile hospital environment, or even a group setting, where your own treatment goals may be compromised by the competing needs of other patients.

To address complex life challenges such as addictions, depression, anxiety or existential crises requires you to look deep within. Doing so requires enormous inner resolve and fortitude and careful guidance by expert clinicians. This is difficult work - ultimately rewarding, but initially uncomfortable and sometimes distressing.  In going deeper and facing the challenges of self-discovery, your need for external comfort, adequate nurturing and care, and the soothing balm of beautiful surroundings becomes even more crucial.

This is why your environment plays a very important role in setting the ground for the best recovery attainable. We are based in Byron Bay for very important reasons:

At The Sanctuary, we optimise your environment so you can do the difficult work of self growth in the most comfortable surroundings, with the most nurturing people around you, and with the inspiration of the natural world at your doorstep.