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Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal

If you use alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis, some degree of tolerance will invariably develop over time. As your body adapts to substance use, more of the substance is needed to have the same effect. Importantly if you cease using alcohol or drugs, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can occur as a detoxification process commences and your body readapts.

Depending on the type of substance and quantities normally used, alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe, and on occasion, be potentially life-threatening. Alcohol and drug withdrawals are generally complex and unpredictable so if you are thinking of stopping, please seek medical advice and have a plan in place.

In preparing to cease substance use, you need to consider how to assess your current tolerance and how you will manage the detox and withdrawal phase. Home detoxes for example can be achieved with a supervising doctor, with specialist detox centres available in most major cities and some regional centres. If your substance use is substantial, particularly where alcohol is concerned, your detox phase must be medically monitored and you may need appropriate medication.

The prospect of having to go through an uncomfortable withdrawal is often the key reason for avoiding quitting drugs and alcohol use. Detox and withdrawal can feel simply awful. 

But you needn't worry.

Managing Withdrawal

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, your comfort is our main concern and we cushion your detox experience with the most comprehensive detox management strategies available:

For more information on our Detox and Withdrawal Programs, click here.


“…Thank you for providing a drug treatment program for my son that was also able to deal with his bipolar and ADD/ADHD conditions. Your family program was invaluable as I now have better understanding on how to support him. I’ve also gained valuable knowledge on the complexities of dual diagnosis treatment and am more confident on how to help him manage his issues in the future….” Mother of 17 year old client