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Depression describes a range of conditions associated with overwhelming sadness, hopelessness, lethargy and increased risk of physical illnesses.

More than just a low mood, depression can be debilitating and is surprisingly common.  It has been estimated that at least one in five people will experience depression in their lifetime. 

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There are various types of depression and therefore corresponding treatments available:

Common symptoms associated with depression

If you suffer from any of the following, you may have symptoms of depression:

As depression can worsen if left untreated, it is important for the condition to be properly assessed. Generally professional treatment is recommended if a depressive condition is severe, chronic, associated with self-harm, or has failed to respond to initial treatment.

Depression Treatment

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we treat depression in an integrated, holistic manner involving input from doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, naturopaths and complementary health practitioners. Your treatment is uniquely customised to your needs and we will work collaboratively with any of your existing treating health professionals to ensure continuity of care. 

Importantly, all the treatment elements in your program are co-ordinated and paced to your changing needs.

While medical supervision is undoubtedly required, we also advocate the use of natural therapies, nutrition, exercise and healthy self-care. Strong evidence is already accumulating proving that regular exercise can be extremely beneficial, as can the use of complementary therapies. Depression also responds well to naturopathic intervention. 

Some of the central pillars of our depression treatment plan include: