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Anxiety - Symptoms & Treatment

While anxiety is a normal and very human response to any situation provoking, fear, pain or stress; any anxiety that is persisting, overwhelming or out of proportion to a given situation may require professional support and treatment.

If you identify with any of the symptoms listed below, you might be suffering from an anxiety disorder:

If you're constantly worried, exhausted and feel completely overwhelmed by your troubles, please call us, we can help. You can reach us on +61-2-6639 8888 for a private chat, and hopefully, we can ease some of your concerns over the phone and help steer you towards the right treatment.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Different types of anxiety requires varying treatment approaches. At the Sanctuary Byron Bay we can help you understand the specific nature of your anxiety and focus your treatment accordingly.

Anxiety Treatment

Treatments for anxiety disorders  can include psychological and pharmacological interventions but psychological treatment remains the most effective according to the best evidence.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, our multi-disciplinary treatment approaches include relaxation techniques, problem solving, graded exposure, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and empathic supportive psychotherapy in conjunction with medical assessment and a comprehensive range of complementary therapies to treat anxiety disorders. All this can be achieved within our 28 Day Intensive Residential program.

Our holistic approach also requires comprehensive attention to your environment and to increasing your capacity to self regulate. Features of a holistic approach include:

Importantly, our aim is to have you understand that while feelings of anxiety cannot be banished, your sense of control can be increased and that through exercising this control, windows of peace will emerge and take hold in you.


"I really feel that being in Byron Bay really helped me regain some perspective about my life and helped instil some hope for a future free of depression. It was just so therapeutic to be always surrounded by such beauty - the beaches, the birdsong, the hills and even the color of the sky at dawn and dusk - those were the things that reminded me that life was worth living..." KS 29 years old