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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is a chronic condition requiring sustained intervention and treatment. Those who are dependent on alcohol experience:

Alcohol dependence is largely considered as a progressive condition characterised by a strong need to drink despite undeniable problems associated with continued use. Like substance abuse, dependence on alcohol is a serious health issue potentially leading to deteriorating functioning, including problems relating to loved ones, and chronic health problems like cirrhosis of the liver. Families and friends are often adversely affected by the deteriorating functioning of an affected family member and if left untreated, alcoholism can ultimately lead to early mortality.

A Holistic Approach To Addiction Treatment

Extended use of alcohol and alcoholism can be physically damaging and profoundly affect the way you view the world. Early treatment must be medically supervised as there are grave dangers associated with abrupt withdrawals from drinking. 

Once withdrawals are stabilised, personal training, body work and complementary therapies help to strengthen the body while intensive psychotherapy and other reflective therapies help to deepen understanding of the underlying issues behind the urge to drink. As clarity returns, an enthusiastic engagement with a new life is fostered by stepping up fun activities and learning new skills, for example, music or dance.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay's approach is truly holistic, bringing together your mind, body and your deepest self into alignment and harmony, but importantly, at the right pace and with the most appropriate therapies at the right time.

In addition to treating the actual addiction in terms of the habit, the routine, the ritual or the automatic response, we will also work with you and teach you how to identify and deal with the issues beneath the surface. At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, we:

If you are not sure if you have a problem with alcohol, you can try an online self-test using the AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) tool developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to determine if your alcohol consumption might be harming your health.

In seeking treatment, please remember that medical supervision is essential in detox circumstances where a person has been heavily reliant upon alcohol for some time. Contact us to find out how a highly specific and personalised 28 Day Intensive Residential Program can be created for you.