The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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One-on-One Treatment for Addictions & Mental Health

The Sanctuary Byron Bay is the world leader in one-to-one specialised treatment of the following:

We can also provide the following:

Effective, Holistic Treatment Model

The cornerstone of The Sanctuary Byron Bay treatment model is a holistic, integrated and individually tailored program combining Western and Eastern medicine, psychotherapy, bodywork, body alignment, rejuvenating meditation practices and nutrition to restore every part of you to health.

We bring to each and every client, an unparalleled level of expertise and range of therapies to ensure you are comfortable, protected and nurtured by effective treatment and ongoing care.

Private & Discreet

The Sanctuary’s clientele is varied and international in scope. Our clients are individuals, families or organisations who demand not only the highest quality in treatment but also that it be conducted in utmost privacy.

Clients are housed in their very own private and discreet residences with no knowledge of or contact with any other client at any time. However, with carefully selected 24 hour support staff on hand, clients will never feel lonely or isolated.


"..I held off on getting treatment for a long time because of the embarrasment..I couldn't sit in a room with a bunch of 20 year olds and talk about my addiction. The Sanctuary's one-to-one treatment program was really my only option, and I have to admit, the level of clinical excellence surpassed my expectations..." - past client 54 year male