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Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

Since its inception in early 2004, The Sanctuary has received considerable national and international media acclaim, including a feature article in the 2005 Business Review Weekly (BRW) Rich List issue (Australia), being named as one of the ten “Most Luxurious Places To Dry Out” in Forbes Magazine (US) and being named one of the six “Chicest Places To Go Cold Turkey” in the Sunday Times (UK).

Execs in Rehab, Australian Financial Review

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

Yolanda Redrup, 2 April 2015

"Since opening in 2003, The Sanctuary has treated more than 400 business executives who have developed addictions in a high-stress work environment and culture of drinking and drug taking."


Try to make me go to rehab....,Dominion Post

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

Maria Slade, January 2015

"The Sanctuary isn't a place, unless you count its administrative offices and extensive warehouse storing everything from art supplies to surf boards. It is a bespoke programme using both mainstream and alternative medicines to treat a maximum of six clients at a time. These people never meet each other; rather they are cared for by a small army of staff in individual luxury homes around the Byron shire."

Toowoomba Chronicle

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"A-listers getting back on track" written by John Farmer, April 2013

"Imagine...a "rehab" set inside million-dollar mansions situated in one of the country's most idyllic coastal communities...This is The Sanctuary Byron is one of the world's most highly regarded drug, alcohol and eating disorder treatment facilities, with a nearly 90% success rate."

Gold Coast Bulletin

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"A diverse group of Gold Coasters felt clever indeed after choosing to mix and mingle, eat and educate themselves as part of a free event at Robina Community Centre on Monday night."

"Hosted by exclusive Byron Bay treatment facility The Sanctuary, the night featured a meet and greet with US scientist and former cancer patient Jerry Brunetti over a mouth-watering selection of expertly prepared dishes before the "food as medicine" guru shared insights on how to farm and feed sustainably."

Food as Medicine guru Jerry Brunetti visits Australia

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"US Food as Medicine guru talks on Monday" written by Caroline Desmond, March 2013

From 5pm on March 11th, The Sanctuary Byron Bay will host an informal Meet and Greet at Robina on the Gold Coast, sharing a selection of nourishing organic foods. From 7-9pm Mr Brunetti will give an insightful and inspiring talk.

"Nutrition is at the heart of physical and mental wellness" outlined Michael Goldberg, Founder and Director of The Sanctuary Byron Bay. The Sanctuary treats addiction and its associated conditions including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Their own organic farm supplies food which is then crafted by each client's personal Chef (MasterChef contestant Luke Southwood worked with The Sanctuary for many years.)

The Australian Women’s Weekly

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Celebrity Rehabs" written by David Leser, February 2008

"In the past four years, The Sanctuary has worked with European industrialists, English aristocracy, American record producers, taipans or chief executives from Hong Kong, lawyers, bankers and chief executives from around Australia and New Zealand, and, yes, for the gossip-hungry among us, movie stars and top models, too.

...Every day, another headline, another famous person's fall from grace. Where do they go? To whom do they turn? And how do they face up to a lifetime of private pain while trapped behind a public facade? ..In a little surfing village on the most easterly point of Australia there is a sanctuary that awaits them. As [practitioner] says "We are not meeting the private jet they flew in on. We are not meeting the beautiful face in the magazine. We are not meeting what they do or who they look like. We are meeting who they are.". Some people, rich or poor, would give their earthly possessions just for that."

The Australian

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Ab Fab Rehab" written by Susan Maushart, June 9-10 2007

" At The Sanctuary, Byron Bay - arguably one of Australia's best drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and, with fees of up to $28,000 a week, certainly the costliest - there is no 'there' at all: no driveway, no gates, no 'facility' of any kind, unless you count the admin office, housed in a modest, conspicuously signage-free unit on the outskirts of town.

The Sanctuary is so exclusive that it doesn't reside in ordinary space and time. Instead, it is conjured into existence, de novo, for each and every admission. There are no private rooms here. There are private residences, one to a customer, leased as needed from among 40 beachfront properties. The one I visit, alas all too briefly, is gorgeous. From its walled tropical gardens and tranquil reflecting pools to the long, sloping lawns to the dunes, it oozes the kind of Bali-wood glamour Byron is famous for."

Time Magazine

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Check In- Room For Recovery" written by Graham Simmons, November 29, 2004

"Instead of opting for a neighbourhood 12-step program, they would rather ensconce themselves in the opulent seclusion of The Sanctuary’s beachfront villas, which come with all the accoutrements of a luxury resort."


The Sun Herald

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Kicking the Habit in Style" written by Danielle Teutsch, January 9, 2005

"[Clients] include a high-flying CEO, a woman working in the US entertainment industry and troubled scions of old-money families. Alcohol addiction is the most common problem, followed by drug abuse, gambling and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Almost all clients have underlying anxiety and depression."



Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Rehab for the Riches" written by Emily Ross, May 19-July 13 2005

"There is no sign saying "Welcome to The Sanctuary". Ask Byron locals about The Sanctuary and they may have heard about it, but have no idea where it is. The Sanctuary's 40-year-old founder, Michael Goldberg, likes it that way. His operation is shrouded in secrecy. Its 50 employees and contractors work in the rented luxury homes in the area that are used by the clients. Each client has their own palatial house that becomes a private retreat during their stay. From the outside, the client can seem like any other up-market holiday maker."


Harpers Bazaar

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Rehab Confidential" written by Alix Johnson, December 2006

"The program is so shrouded in secrecy that a roster of up to 40 super-deluxe houses are rented (often at the last minute) to cater to the schedules of the high-flying clientele. On the surface, these burnt-out execs, aristocrats and A-list celebrities, ranging in age from 14 to 70, could be mistaken for any other upmarket tourist choosing to holiday in this alluring seaside town. But of course, they’re not."


Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Most Luxurious Places To Dry Out" written by Christina Valhouli

"More and more treatment facilities resemble upscale resorts, complete with beach-side settings, fitness centers, tennis courts, fine dining (sans wine list, of course) and a list of fitness activities which could rival a luxury spa. At some centers, such as the newly-opened Sanctuary in Australia, patients are also provided with personal chefs, physical trainers, and dailyyoga and Pilates classes, along with Shiatsu and acupuncture treatments."


Mosman Daily

Press Coverage of The Sanctuary

"Seek Sanctuary from stress"

IF you were about to lose your marriage and your kids, would they be worth the price of a new luxury car? This is the price of staying in an exclusive, discreet wellness program based in Byron Bay that deals with many business people so stressed they are facing family break-up.

At the cost of about $35,000 per week for an average of four weeks, it seems like a lot of money. But Cremorne solicitor Jeff Cosgrove says it’s worth every cent, purely from a financial aspect. ‘‘Most property settlements I handle result in a wife with dependents getting 80 %


“…Thank you for providing a drug treatment program for my son that was also able to deal with his bipolar and ADD/ADHD conditions. Your family program was invaluable as I now have better understanding on how to support him. I’ve also gained valuable knowledge on the complexities of dual diagnosis treatment and am more confident on how to help him manage his issues in the future….” Mother of 17 year old client