The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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We Are Pet Friendly

Bringing Your Pet

Australian residents are welcome to bring a domestic animal companion (eg a dog) while undergoing treatment, but only with prior arrangement. Most domestic air carriers will safely transport animals in special pressurised areas of their cargo holds. If you would like to bring your pet, please let us know beforehand and we can help you make the necessary enquiries and arrangements prior to your arrival.

While you are in residence, we can help you organise pet care, veterinary assistance and any specific equipment such as toys, leashes and bowls.

Please note that due to strict quarantine rules, animals arriving in Australia from overseas are subject to import licences and long quarantine periods.  Any arrangement to bring a pet from overseas will need to be authorised by Australian quarantine officials a number of months before arrival.  Due to the lengthy process and strict restrictions applying to importation of animals, we recommend that you do not bring a pet from overseas.



"To be honest, being able to bring my dog was one of the key factors in choosing The Sanctuary for treatment. It's scary enough to go into treatment and be somewhere unfamiliar and then to have to deal with lots of new therapists and staff. Having my dog accompany me just helped me feel like I was at home. I felt more grounded and more at ease. The house couldn't have been more perfect.  [name of dog] really enjoyed the walks on the beach and chasing lizards and I was just so grateful to have him with me."   53yo client