The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Our Team

Our treatment teams consist of highly experienced practitioners from a broad range of professional healthcare backgrounds. All practitioners are fully qualified or certified and are generally considered to be leading professionals in their respective fields.This is one of the many reasons why we are a premier therapeutic service.

 Our staffing strategy is simple: 

Importantly, our therapeutic teams are integrated and guided by highly experienced clinical consultants who are leaders in treating complex problems. True integration of treatment teams can only be achieved by:

Despite claims to be multi-disciplinary, many treatment centres lack coordinated approaches where different practitioners liaise regularly in joint case consultation. At the Sanctuary Byron Bay, not only do we take care to recruit the best practitioners, we take our time to ensure they work together towards common treatment goals.


“… My father had had an alcohol problem for many years and when he retired his alcohol problem escalated dramatically. Being in his sixties, he walked in and walked out of a private alcohol rehab stating that there was no way he was going to sit with young drug addicts and alcoholics and talk about his problems. Thank you for providing a one on one (alcohol rehabilitation) program, that is both highly respected, and successful. I know my father has dealt with his alcohol problem and was grateful for the privacy offered…. ” Son of 68 year old client