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Narrative Coaching - What's Your Story?

Narrative Coaching - What's Your Story?

Narrative coaching is essentially a practice of optimism and understanding and is especially useful in times of transformation and change. It is a practice that does not necessarily involve writing or journaling. Narrative coaching employs a variety of creative triggers to spark reflection and an enriched conversation.

Through a series of sessions, we come to a bird’s eye view of our whole life story and then a closer view of the individual stories that have brought us to where we are. In the process, we uncover new insights to inform the creation of a new and sustainable story.

Your Journey Forward

It’s easy to forget the strengths, values and relationships that have been so useful in our life before now. These are things that we might have forgotten about ourselves or have been interpreted through a much younger lens. When we become re-acquainted, we come to see their value and how we might draw on them in our journey forward. They provide clues and encouragement. Our old stories can be a beacon, lighting the path.

Narrative coaching sessions are designed and customised for each individual. Each session is creative and enjoyable: a guided stroll through the landscape of who we were, who we are now, and who we want to be.

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