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Director's Note - Michael Goldberg

Director's Note - Michael Goldberg

Director's Note - Michael Goldberg

On the 5th of March this year, the Sanctuary Byron Bay marked a very important milestone – our TENTH birthday!  This marks a huge achievement for our wonderful team and I am proud to celebrate a decade of hard work and innovation while honouring the genuine love and care embodied in our services, helping so many people from all walks of life.

Since 2004, The Sanctuary Byron Bay has pioneered individualised treatment with an integrated team comprising medical, psychiatric, psychotherapy, allied health and bodywork components. We were the first in the world to offer such a service, and we still lead the treatment field today. Our innovations have since been copied by a few establishments, but none to date have been able to match the seamless integration of modalities on offer here, nor the depth of skill and experience of our wonderful staff, many of whom have worked together since the Sanctuary Byron Bay’s inception. We were the first of our kind, and because of our continual commitment to excellence, we remain the best.

Recently, our client base from Asia has expanded. Growing regional wealth and rising awareness of Australia as a viable treatment base means treatment in Australia will soon become a more popular option in place of the US and Europe. Moreover, the Sanctuary Byron Bay’s focus on holistic healthcare and our understanding of the impact of cultural diversity in healthcare appeals to people outside of Australia.  We are able to understand the treatment needs of high-net worth international clients yet we are able to assess how cultural difference might impact on the design of each individual program.  Few treatment centres are able to operate outside narrowly prescribed methodologies, so our flexibility and intelligent adaptive treatment design continue to distinguish us from the rest.

In May this year, we established the Sanctuary Recovery House, a new post-detox/rehab supported live-in program where residents practice living without drugs and alcohol with the support of like-minded peers. At the Sanctuary Recovery House, limited to five participants, residents are able to explore the underlying reasons for their use of drugs and alcohol with experienced therapists while maintaining a daily healthy routine and encouraging each other to ‘stay the course’.  This new innovative service bridges the gap between intensive treatment and fully independent living, encouraging those in early recovery to build and maintain healthy habits and routines while still continuing to resolve deeper issues.

This year, we also welcomed a new addition to our therapeutic team, Micha Lerner, a highly experienced clinician with extensive experience in both drug and alcohol and mental health treatment in a variety of settings. We’re delighted to have Micha on board. He already feels like an integral part of the Sanctuary family.

And from our humble beginnings, ten years on - here we are: a dynamic, interconnected and passionate team of colleagues and friends, The Sanctuary family, working together to serve you and to help you get well.

Michael Goldberg