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Director's Introduction

Director's Introduction - Michael Goldberg

With the Christmas holidays soon upon us, I’d like to take this opportunity to convey my warmest wishes to all the subscribers of the Sanctuary Byron Bay newsletter, for you all to enjoy a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

The end of year holidays can encapsulate the best and worst of our lives – while many enjoy the chance to be with family and friends in a festive atmosphere, some find reunions fraught with difficulties and tension. If you have troubled relationships with family and friends, this is the time when stresses and tensions come to the fore. Maintaining a peaceful attitude and a commitment to equanimity can go a long way when dealing with challenging people or situations and I sincerely hope we are able to do so with ease and grace this year.

The holiday season can also evoke excess in all areas – from food and alcohol and other substances to the dizzy whirl of social engagements.  We can all drink too much, eat too much and play too much.  Hopefully, we do all this in the spirit of conviviality and enjoyment, while taking the time to wind down and ‘recharge’ for the year ahead.  In facing excess, a little preparation and consideration of healthier alternatives can ease the way.  Try making non-alcoholic mocktails for example, or replace processed sugar in your Christmas desserts with healthier alternatives such as honey, agave syrup, coconut sugar, or unrefined sugar. Eat smaller portions opting for healthier salads and healthier ways of preparing food such as grilling and baking instead of deep frying.  Minimise consumption of alcohol and other substances and try experimenting with healthy ‘superfoods’ such as goji berries, wheat grass and spirulina and organic coconut oil.  Above all, get plenty of rest, sleep and exercise and devote some time to yourself for contemplation and renewal.

On behalf of everyone associated with the Sanctuary Byron Bay, may your holiday season be beautiful and bright!

Michael Goldberg