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Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Most people are unaware that sugar is actually an addictive substance and that excessive sugar consumption and unacknowledged sugar addiction in society remains largely unexamined.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay recently hosted an information night with our special guest, Monica Colmsjö, an educator and clinical nutritionist. Monica is the author of Sugar Dreams: waking up to the bitter reality - a fascinating account of:


In this illuminating seminar, Monica recounted her own personal experience with addictions in her family and explained her growing understanding of the bio-chemical nature of the addiction process.  Many addicts, she contends, substitute sugar when coming off alcohol and other drugs thereby prolonging a subtle maintenance of the addictive process, a strategy Monica wryly likens to “swapping seats on the Titanic”. Even those who have had no problems with alcohol and other drugs, can find it hard to shift dependence on sugar, which Monica points out, has been shown to be even more addictive than cocaine.

She urges us to monitor our sugar consumption and advocates the use of targeted dietary supplements to make up for deficiencies in our brain chemistry, which she argues is often the cause of depression, anxiety and other difficulties which leads us to using drugs and alcohol to cope in the first place.

Monica’s contention that sugar is a powerful drug can be tested by just shifting our awareness to how we crave sweet tastes and how we use sweets as rewards.

Try becoming aware of the part sugar plays in your life, even for just a week.  Once you have more awareness, see if you can reduce your reliance on this easy, quick ‘fix’ and then see how you react.  Is the process similar to any other addiction process you have experienced?

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