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BRW Client Choice Awards 2009

BRW Client Choice Awards 2009

This year, the Sanctuary Byron Bay proudly sponsored the 2009 BRW Client Choice Awards, regarded as the most prestigious awards for professional services firms in Australia. The Awards are open to all professional services firms, including law, accounting, IT consulting, consulting engineering, architecture and actuarial firms. The BRW Award winners are selected from a rigorous survey process, conducted by Beaton Consulting on behalf of BRW Magazine, to assess the views of clients of professional services firms.

At the Sanctuary Byron Bay, client satisfaction has always been the backbone of our success.  In striving to be one of the world’s premier therapeutic retreats, we have learnt that good client service starts internally and that all high performing, successful companies create workplaces where people want to belong.

At the Sanctuary, members of our treatment team are carefully chosen as being the best in their area of expertise, and these highly skilled practitioners are supported to work in an integrated fashion.  Practitioners report that being part of a coordinated team where their contributions are drawn into a greater whole, accounts for higher job satisfaction with more direct benefits to the client.

Sponsoring the Client Choice Awards has confirmed what we already put into practice – that client satisfaction flows on from fostering a dynamic, supportive and loyal team.

Accepting the award for the best Victorian law firm, David Fitch, managing partner of Landers & Rogers concurs:  “Clients and employees want the same things – so if you please one you please the other. If your employees are engaged, fulfilled and happy, they will want to meet client’s needs. Then if they do a good job, the clients will be happy and satisfied and that pours back into our people feeling even more fulfilled”.

Winners of the BRW Client Choice Awards agree that establishing a healthy culture in the workplace where customer feedback and employee health are equally valued, is the crucial and necessary step to maintain client satisfaction.

At the Sanctuary we recognise that whether principles of excellence are applied to customer service or to staff satisfaction; adopted as the values for more conscious individual living or adopted as policies and procedures for companies; these principles can nevertheless be distilled as follows (BRW: 12/3/09; At Your Service):

We look forward to further involvement with BRW and invite anyone from the corporate sector to contact us for information about how we can assist to improve the health of employees in the workplace.