The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Paddock to plate

Paddock to plate

The Sanctuary Organic Farm was established in 2013 in the rich volcanic soils of Tyagarah, located on the outskirts of Byron Bay. The original concept of The Sanctuary Farm was to provide locally grown fruit, vegetables and herbs to clients staying at The Sanctuary Byron Bay. Our vision is to grow produce free from harmful pesticides and sprays, allowing the natural properties and nutrients in fresh food to help heal people in need of nurturing.

The Sanctuary Organic Farm is on 25 acres and over the past years has evolved to now encompass;

The entire garden was developed and planted in a combination of rich volcanic soil mixed in with a heavy layer of woodchip. Over the years the woodchip has broken down and provides the garden with nutrient rich nitrogen, an excellent base to plant crops

We harvest and deliver fresh to each client, where our chefs prepare delicious organic meals based around our farm produce. Any scraps and waste are collected daily and taken back to The Sanctuary Farm to feed our chickens.

Our Head Chef works closely with the Farm Manager consulting on the best produce to plant for the seasons and the harvesting of the produce.  They also consult on solutions for any excess foods such as preserving, pickling and dehydrating.

All our clients are encouraged to visit The Sanctuary Farm. If they choose to, they receive a full tour including a drive through all areas with the Farm Manager and their personal Chef. Each client is given the opportunity to plant a tree, as part of the edible food forest project. And finally the client and the chef will pick some fresh produce for the chef and the client to prepare the evening meal together.

All, vegetables, fruits, herbs, teas, edible flowers come from the farm and form the basis of most meals. Summer is all about fresh salads of lettuces, beetroot leaves, roquette, mizuna, wasabi leaf, baby spinach mixed with snow peas, purple and green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, grated beetroot, baby zucchinis and nasturtium flowers with fresh lime and herb dressings.

Winter is more about warming, slow cooking and oven baking techniques. The grounding root vegetables feature prominently with the heroes from the farm highlighted. Beetroots, carrots, sweet potatoes, kipflers, celeriac, onions, garlics, pumpkins, spinach, kangkong, bok choy, sweet corn, eggplants and capsicums.

Throughout the four seasons, cooking classes are offered to our clients. This is a great opportunity to learn about where their food has come from, the benefits of eating locally grown organic food, and to gain some skills to take back home, to use in day to day life.

The SBB chefs create very hands on educational cooking classes. We believe that food is not just fuel, it can be a complete sensory journey. Also, food and nutrition are better understood when you really understand the origins of the meal

The small amount of ‘food miles’ the farm produce travels to get to us, means that the fresh food keeps its maximum nutritional value. When you can really taste, smell and touch the food it brings a new appreciation for food and the amazing things it can do for your body.

As part of The Sanctuary programme, the chefs aim to bestow a little nutritional and practical information about food and its journey from the paddock to the plate. Before a client returns home they are given a wonderful collection of recipes they have enjoyed during treatment. Our aim is to change or add to the way someone looks at food, so that they can implement better eating practices at home.