The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Treatment in Paradise - Byron Bay, Australia

The Sanctuary is located in Byron Bay, a beautiful resort town at the most eastern point of the Australian continent, famous for its pristine beaches, sub-tropical rainforests and majestic mountain ranges.

Renowned as a place of healing, Byron Bay attracts many holiday makers and travellers from within Australia and internationally.

Byron Bay’s location in a sub-tropical temperate zone ensures pleasant weather all year around. Summers are warm and balmy and while winter nights can be cool, winter days are generally sunny and mild.

A Place of Healing

The Sanctuary’s location at Byron Bay is no accident - the place has long been considered a place of healing by indigenous Australians prior to white settlement and still enjoys a contemporary reputation as a place to rejuvenate, recharge and revitalise.

The local people of Byron Bay are known for their warmth, hospitality and laidback charm. Yet due to a steady flow of visitors from all around the world, Byron Bay enjoys a cosmopolitan vibe where one might just as likely encounter carefree surfers and backpackers as visiting celebrities and luxury holidaymakers.

Here in Byron Bay, everyone is welcome, yet intrusion is rare and for those clients seeking confidentiality and privacy, there is no better place to recover and heal.


“I have such loving memories of all the beautiful souls I encountered at the Sanctuary. I have never been so nurtured in all my life. You guys enabled me to get back up and I’ll forever be grateful. Congratulations to you on your life’s work, you really do make a difference.” past client 52 year old female