The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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Integrated and Coordinated Treatment to Restore Your Health & Happiness

To be truly healthy is to have every part of you aligned in harmony. Achieving health is therefore a holistic endeavour.  Yet too often, our experience of healthcare is fragmented, uncoordinated and occasionally contradictory. Even if you stumble upon therapies that help, true integration and coordination of treatment can remain elusive.  

The Sanctuary Byron Bay was created precisely to showcase how a truly holistic approach to healthcare can be accomplished.

We bring you back to health by bringing together a team of practitioners who are leaders in their respective fields, all working with you one-to-one, but coordinated by highly experienced senior clinical consultants who ensure all practitioners work together in the most integrated and effective manner possible.

Key features of our holistic approach include:



"..I really felt cared for at The Sanctuary. At first I was nervous that I would feel lonely being away from my family...but the staff showed such genuine kindness and concern for my well-being..." MP, 37 years old