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Executive Team


Executive Team

Michael Goldberg, Executive Director

Michael is the Founder and Executive Director of The Sanctuary Byron Bay. A passionate and creative entrepreneur, Michael is an early pioneer of a recent international treatment movement focused on individual care that is multidisciplinary, yet bespoke, with treatment coordinated and carefully tailored to each individual’s needs.

“I founded The Sanctuary Byron Bay in 2003, the first successful individualised clinic in the world. My vision for The Sanctuary was to create one of those places you dream about going - to feel healed, nurtured, held, and cared for. Since then, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront and cutting edge of holistic and integrated treatment. With at least 23-25 practitioners and carers encompassing a myriad of modalities working exclusively with each client, we have managed to achieve extraordinary success for over a decade now. It is a testament to our programmes’ quality that we consistently operate at full capacity, usually with limited intake to maintain our high standards.

At The Sanctuary, we understand alcoholism and addictions to be coping means to deal with deeper underlying issues. Comprehensive treatment therefore requires that the intersecting layers of experience, behaviour, cognition, emotion and attitude be addressed together. This requires multiple, yet coordinated therapeutic interventions, something few places in the world can offer, and which we at The Sanctuary Byron Bay have pioneered over a number of years. This is why we lead the integrated treatment field.”


Executive Team

Jane Williams, Clinical Director
B.A. Eng & Psych; B.A. Hons Clinical Psych; Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy, Dip. Buddhist Psychotherapy; M.A.N.Z.A.P., M.A.P.S., Psychologist, A.A.B.C.A.P.

Jane is the Clinical Director of The Sanctuary Byron Bay and one of the most highly regarded and experienced mental health professionals in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Jane is a mentor, guide and supervisor to a wide range of practitioners - both at The Sanctuary and in the wider sector - and also a leading expert in developmental psychology, trauma informed care and Buddhist psychotherapy. Jane provides advice on complex clinical cases and is a highly experienced psychologist and psychotherapist responsible for monitoring and maintaining the clinical excellence of every Sanctuary program.

“In my role at The Sanctuary as Clinical Director, my aim is to provide clients with a quality of listening and understanding that they do not get in other areas of their lives, and to provide personalised care and treatment that is not formulaic but is responsive to each client's needs. My desire is to treat each person seeking help as a unique being so that I can tailor-make a program that honours their uniqueness allowing them to become the best versions of themselves.

I’m also careful to match each practitioner to every client to maximise treatment synergy. I also provide quality support and supervision to all our staff so as to ensure the best practice standards of clinical treatment are delivered with care, consideration and respect to our clients”


Executive Team

Amos Hee, Process Consultant
M. Medical Anthropology; B.Landscape Arch.

Amos is an organisational consultant with expertise in health promotion, project management and qualitative research. With specific expertise in co-morbidity, management of multidisciplinary healthcare teams and a keen interest in culture and health, ethics, design and communication, Amos is responsible for process and policy development, programme reviews and staff development and training at The Sanctuary. With his unusual combination of postgraduate and graduate degrees in Medical Anthropology and Urban Design, Amos always ensures different perspectives are considered together so that complex issues can be resolved laterally and effectively.

“The holistic focus of The Sanctuary requires the careful integration of a range of bio-medical and complementary healthcare perspectives, and this one of the key areas for which I am responsible. I have to respect and work with a wide diversity of views in each multidisciplinary team so I can be effective in my role as a cultural mediator - enhancing communication between different parts of the organisation and consolidating a stronger shared approach between our many practitioners."


Executive Team

Barbara Ellan, Special Projects Manager

Barbara’s administration and organisational skills are crucial to The Sanctuary’s success. Since our early days, Barbara has helped guide the growth of The Sanctuary to its current sophisticated form where multiple teams work across online platforms supported by dedicated Client Services concierges. Barbara has helped develop many of our complex scheduling systems and refined the seamless customer service our clients expect. Currently in her role as Special Projects Manager, Barbara works to strengthen our approach, build a more efficient and effective organisational infrastructure, and support the diverse group of staff working together to deliver our renowned quality programs.

“I’ve been in recovery for over 17 years, and proud to have played an integral part in the incredible evolution of The Sanctuary. I enjoy strong links to the wider recovery community and with my own personal experience of recovery, I’m able to empathise deeply with the unique needs of our client base, understand their vulnerability and desire for a better life and honour their hope that we can help. I try to assist each and every person making contact with us, whether they come to The Sanctuary or not. Every enquiry is treated with respect and regard, in line with our core values, and also simply because although asking for help can be scary, it actually reflects real courage and optimism."


Executive Team

Ania Barrow, Client Services Manager

Ania leads a team of dedicated Client Services consultants, each coordinating and managing individual client programs. An exhausting amount of behind-the-scenes work goes into creating a seamless service experience with Client Services staff playing a key role somewhere between a concierge and a high level executive assistant. Each Sanctuary program involves over twenty practitioners, chefs, carers and nurses, all dedicated to one client at a time. Coordinating every element to ensure a smooth treatment journey requires intelligence, foresight, practicality and resourcefulness – all of which Ania thankfully has in spades!

“Before taking on a management role at The Sanctuary, I started from the ground up working in the warehouse, on reception and later in case management. In every role, I saw how important small details are in creating the seamless experience of a Sanctuary program. The fine details done well, define the success of each program. I enjoy ticking every little box - streamlining and updating our systems so that we’re constantly improving. I also love working with such an incredible variety of people from different backgrounds, all with such diverse skills, collaborating together as a passionate, united community working for the benefit of our clients.

I admit I have very high standards, so I love working for a company that constantly commits to excellence. We’re always striving to keep raising the bar here, so I’m never bored – there’s always something complex to consider and improve upon.”


Executive Team

Micha Lerner, Senior Psychologist & Psychotherapist
B.A. Honours Psychology, MAPs, registered psychologist

Micha is a registered psychologist and trained psychotherapist, born in Israel, but now happily settled with his family in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. Micha has extensive experience in both mental health and drug and alcohol settings and has a specific interest in the neurobiology of addiction. Micha’s earlier experiences of leading programs for youth in addiction and youth in distress led him to consolidate his clinical interests in a psychology degree and indeed, throughout his professional life, Micha has remained involved in education, treatment and advocacy for improved treatment for young people with complex needs.

Our success is largely founded on the careful selection of treatment staff and the depth and breadth of experience each of them bring to our integrated team. We are fortunate to have someone with Micha’s experience and expertise in our multidisciplinary team as it takes a genuinely collaborative mindset to work well with other professionals.

“I’ve always thrived on working as part of a team – it suits me well – and The Sanctuary is like no other workplace. There’s a real sense of family here – a sense that there are many excellent minds working together for the benefit of our clients.  With my colleagues sharing the same sense of passion, energy and enthusiasm for our work, we’re truly in a unique position to really make a difference to those seeking help.”