The Sanctuary Byron Bay
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A New Direction for The Sanctuary Byron Bay


It is my privilege and pleasure to assume my new role as owner and Director of The Sanctuary Byron Bay.

Having led medical services across many Sanctuary programs, I’m aware of the power of our treatment model. True integration of multidisciplinary treatment is hard to achieve in practice. For The Sanctuary to successfully bring together such a focused, coordinated and collaborative team of medical and allied health practitioners and provide such high quality treatment, for so long, is testament to the passion and commitment of its staff. 

I am looking forward to heading an amazing team, helping our clients to create lasting and sustainable change. As new Director, I intend to maintain and foster the same standards of excellence we are renowned for, and I will ensure our team continues to be well resourced and supported. 

In embracing a true biopsychosocial model of care supported by an evidence-based approach, I will focus on setting the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity. With the support of our staff and those whose lives we touch, I look forward to building upon our achievements and improving upon them. 

Dr Robert Walsh - Director


I’m thrilled to be handing over the reins of The Sanctuary Byron Bay to my colleague and one of our own leading doctors, Dr Robert Walsh.  I have full confidence that Rob understands and appreciates the key drivers of our success, having led medical services for many Sanctuary programs over the years.

When I first dreamt of The Sanctuary in 2002, I had a vision of creating the world’s best treatment environment to be nurtured, healed, held and cared for.  Little did I realise how successful we would be in bringing this vision to reality.  Since 2004, we have treated an impressive range of clients from all over the world – some of them very high profile – yet confidentiality remains paramount, as we continue to provide the best of comprehensive, yet coordinated therapeutic interventions, specifically tailored to each person’s unique needs.  

As pioneers in the integrated residential treatment sector, The Sanctuary Byron Bay has helped many people in Australia and around the world take control of their lives and shape their future with confidence, contentment and focus. We’ve also nurtured a vast global network of like-minded, passionate and committed health professionals working together for the benefit of our clients. I’m proud to say, we’ve certainly made a difference to the lives of many people.

After fifteen years, and now with a beautiful young family to consider, I’ve decided to take a break from the long hours previously required of me as Director in order to spend more time with my wife and children.

I have absolutely no doubt that Dr Robert Walsh, the new owner and Director will continue to build upon our incredible achievements to date, and indeed take The Sanctuary Byron Bay to another level with his considerable medical expertise and passion.

I thank you all for all the opportunities we’ve enjoyed and I look forward to celebrating The Sanctuary’s continuing success under Rob’s new leadership.

Michael Goldberg – Retiring Director