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The Sanctuary Byron Bay is now distributing a quarterly E-Newsletter in order to keep you informed of new developments in our constantly evolving Sanctuary model.  If you would like to subscribe to our e-newsletter, please enter your name and email address below and click "Subscribe" and we will add you to our distribution list.

Summer 2014Summer 2014

Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of The Sanctuary Byron Bay newsletter. Once again, it’s been a little while between newsletters as we’ve been very busy at The Sanctuary Byron Bay – meeting increased demand and improving our self-sufficiency.

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Spring 2012Spring 2012

In our Spring 2012 edition, we take an in-depth look at the role Creative Arts plays in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We also introduce you to our Dance, Art and Creative Writing teachers.

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Christmas and New Years 2010Christmas and New Years 2010

In our ninth edition, we provide some healthy non-alcoholic mocktail recipes for the holiday season.

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Spring 2010Spring 2010

In our Spring 2010 edition, we look at the Sanctuary's approach to delivering a truly holistic, integrated treatment plan. In addition, we hear from Karen Stuart about he unique role our Case Manager's play in co-ordinating your treatment.

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May 2010May 2010

In our seventh edition, Jane Williams, our Clinical Director, explains why depression is often caused by more than just biological factors. We also examine the role sugar plays in addiction, and feature information on how to help a loved one in crisis.

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November 2009November 2009

In our sixth edition, we feature an article by Jane Williams and Amos Hee on a few practical steps for dealing with anxiety and an article from Luke Southwood on how the modern day diet affects our mood.

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April 2009April 2009

In this edition, we highlight the rising relevance of prescription drug abuse, which has been recently described as the ‘real drug crisis gripping Australia’.  We also outline our sponsorship of the recent BRW Client Choice Awards, and highlight specific programs available at The Sanctuary Byron Bay.

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December 2008December 2008

In this edition, we profile Claudia Mirdita, our highly experienced physiotherapist renowned for her ability to treat complex health issues. We also feature an article by Consta Georgoussis, our senior Yoga consultant, outlining the synergies between yoga practice and psychotherapy.

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September 2008September 2008

In this edition, we introduce our Process Consultant, Amos Hee, a medical anthropologist who helps to consolidate and document the Sanctuary’s procedures and protocols. We also feature articles by our senior chef Luke Southwood and our naturopath, Reine Dubois.

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April 2008April 2008

In this edition we continue to highlight innovative new programmes; introduce one of our highly experienced senior chefs, Emma Dennett; provide our regular “Yoga Teacher’s Perspective” from Consta Georgoussis, one of the The Sanctuary’s longstanding core team members; share a recipe from our senior chef Luke Southwood; and announce our sponsorship of an exciting integrative medicine conference, entitled Approaches to Addictions and Freedom to be held here in Byron Bay on April 11 and 12 of 2008

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August 2007August 2007

In the first edition, we profile Luke Southwood, senior Sanctuary chef, and feature an article by Consta Georgousiss, senior yoga consultant.  We also introduce new programs developed at The Sanctuary Byron Bay and answer frequently asked questions about our services.

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